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Valve Assembly And Valve Components

CVE manufactures four distinct type of Compressor Valves:

  • Ring Type
  • Feather Type
  • Channel Type
  • Dampened Disc
Piston Rings & Rider Rings

Piston Rings And Rider Rings

To meet the varied sealing and piston support requirements of reciprocating compressors, CVE manufactures a wide variety of Piston and Rider Rings up to 42" diameter.


Packing Rings, Oil Wiper Rings

CVE offers packing rings in diversified performance proven materials which are Radial - Tangent (R-T), Double - Tangent(T-T), and Pressure Breaker Rings. We also offer Oil wiper Rings in a variety of materials including Cast Iron, Bronze, Babitt and Carbon filled teflon.


Piston, Piston Rod And Miscellaneous Components

CVE offers pistons manufactured from graded cast iron and various grades of Aluminum having close grain structure. We also offer pistons from forged blanks for high pressure application.


CVE also offers '0' Rings, Gaskets, Valve Cover, Valve Yokes, Unloaders, Big End Bearings, Small End Bearings, Sleeves, Cylinder Liners and many other items as per your requirements.

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Compressor Valves & Equipment
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