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Piston Rings & Rider Rings

To meet the varied sealing and piston support requirements of Reciprocating Compressors, CVE Manufactures a wide variety of Piston and Rider Rings up to 42" diameter. These rings are offered in a broad range of materials to suit the specific requirements.

CAST IRON : We manufacture piston rings from graded cast iron which provide good sealing over a wide temperature range in applications where adequate lubrication can be provided. All of our cast iron rings are heat tensioned.

BRONZE : Our Bronze Piston Rings offer great wear resistance and are preferred for high temperature and pressures where lubrication may be marginal. The most commonly used Bronze Grade is 80:10:10 (CU-SN-PB) Chilled Casting. Various other grades are also available for different service conditions.

CARBON FILLED TEFLON : Piston rings manufactured from Carbon filled Teflon offers good compressive and shear strength, hardness and wear resistance. They are particularly effective in non-lubricated services and have got excellent corrosion resistance.

Feel free to contact us with your requirements of piston rings and rider rings and we will be happy to get back with a no obligation technical and commercial proposal.

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