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Valve Assembly & Valve Components

Valve seats and guards are machined from bar stock or forgings with all gas passages drilled or milled smooth to assure minimum friction of the gas flowing through the valve. After machining, metallic valve components are heat treated to attain optimum physical properties and maximum resistance to abrasion and wear. The seat area is ground flat and lapped on automatic machines for perfect sealing.

Metallic valve rings, discs and plates are also fully machined. These components are heat treated, flattened, machined to close OD and ID tolerances, ground and lapped to the desired thickness and flatness. Sealing components for other types of valves including channels and leaf springs and strips are manufactured with equal precision and standard of quality. All components are de burred and their corners are rounded to prevent gouging of seat or guard or channels.

Compression springs are available in round as well as rectangular cross-Section for optimum performance. Springs caps or buttons also, may be furnished in metallic or non-metallic materials.

All our valve components are offered in a wide range of performance-proven materials to meet the specific need of the application.

A full range of replacement components including Rings, Ported Discs, Springs, Spring Buttons, Guides, Dampening Discs, Lift Washers, Channels and Springs, Wear Stripes, Guide Holder, Strips are available in the wide range of materials for all types of valves for low pressure as well as high pressure application up to 400KG/CM2.

Feel free to contact us with your requirements for valve assemblies and valve components and we will be happy to get back with a no obligation technical and commercial proposal.


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